WSOP Finals Set and Announced

The WSOP, or World Series of Poker is fighting along nicely and the forerunners are already showing. Jonathan Duhamel is the leader board winner now. He has the best chance at walking away with the $8.9 million cash payout. That’s a huge number to be handing out. Think of how the WSOP began with just six players over fourty years ago as an invitation-only tournament. In 1971 the winner Johnny Moss walked away with $30,000. Though at the time that was a huge deal, the tournament has consistently drawn more and more over the years. In 2009 Joe Cada left the table the winner and pocketed over $8.5 million. If that isn’t a testament to how much poker has grown over the past four decades, then nothing is!

So far players have put in over seventy-eight hours of gaming at the WSOP. It began with over 7,300 players vying for the payout and each one contributed their $10,000 buy-in/ no-limit hold’em fee. The prize pool soared at a total of around $68.7 million. There were a huge number of players vying for the coveted WSOP bracelets and the payout pool. The players are not inthe midst of a break but set to resume gaming in November of this year. The games are set to be a great time for Canadians. Duhamel and Matthew Jarvis are both from the country and doing considerably well at the WSOP games. John Dolan, an American is also making waves. He is one of the favorites according to to walk away with a big payout. If you love poker gaming, then you want to be in on the WSOP this year. It is proving that it won’t disappoint. The games are exciting and the payouts are still growing. After last years crowning of the then-21 year old Cada, who walked away with a record amount, it was thought the WSOP may slow down a bit. Not so! Instead the games have grown and now the new winner this year is set to win a record breaking amount once again. Stay tuned to the poker fun as the best players in the industry duke it out for the 2010 World Series of Poker win!

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