WSOP Going Strong Despite “Black Friday”

The beginning of the 42nd annual World Series of Poker is on! This is one of the most anticipated events in the world of gambling due to just how big the poker is to the market. Of course poker is a strategy based game that has a lot of benefits to it and most gamblers have at minimum played a few games to see exactly what all the hype is really about. One of the biggest draws of the World Series of Poker is that the amount of money paid out right now is huge. Used to be a time when the “big wins” were in the thousands of dollars. That of course was a few decades ago and now the main table winner can expect to walk away with at minimum $8-$9 million. With the payout like this it’s no wonder why so many people are trying to get in on the WSOP this year. The payouts are bigger than ever and so is the mound excitement that goes on at the many tables. Regardless of what kind of poker player is more experienced with most likely they’re going to find it at the tournament. One of the other interesting things about the poker event is that the name corporate sponsors are the norm. Again a couple years ago it was completely unheard of for mainstream corporate companies to want to affiliate themselves with gambling. Gambling is gained a new respect though these days and now it’s not uncommon to see big dollar sponsors promoting the World Series of Poker with million-dollar 62nd spots on ESPN during broadcast time.

One big change though that’s coming this year for the 42nd annual event is the leading out of logos on players. Of course Black Friday happened a few weeks back and that put a wrench in the machine for a lot of casino companies. Three of the biggest online poker websites blocked and shut down by the Justice Department of the US for operating illegally. This is something that is having a long-lasting effect on gambling companies all over the world and definitely having an effect at the World Series of poker. You aren’t going to see as many hats, jackets, gloves, shoes or other kind of apparel with the name logos on them as you did in the past.