New 50 Payline Mobile Slot Enters Market

One of the biggest changes in the world of gaming is the rise in gambling technology. Things that were not possible a few short years ago are now becoming routine in the market. Programmers and casino owners know what the bounds of technology are and they know how to manage them effectively.  Due to huge advances, more and more gaming products are coming out. One change in the market that is creating an entirely new product is the rise in smart phones. Smart phones like the iPhone and the Blackberry are both phones that have internet capabilities. You can do a wide range of things from these phones—in fact, anything you can do on your computer you can most likely do on a smart phone. You can check your email, communicate via instant messengers, browse full websites and have 24-access to all types of information. It is one of the best inventions of the past few years and now the popularity of smart phones is moving to include mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming is just that—you can play your favorite games on your phone while you commute to work, are at lunch or at any remote location. More and more mobile games are entering the market because of the popularity and how much more smart phones are offering to customers. is a website that has just launched a new mobile game called Filthy Rich. The game is a regular 5-reel slots game that can help you to walk away with some great payouts. It has fifty paylines to enjoy and that means you have plenty of opportunities to make winning combinations. The unique quality here is that this is the first ever mobile 50 payline game. You can find simpler games, but this is the first one that offers this many chances to win big while you are on the go. In a lot of ways introducing a fifty payline game to the market makes Lady Lucks a leader in the market. Expect more games to enter the market of mobile gaming that have the same capability but Lady Lucks can still claim the first game as its own.

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