Online Gambling Bonus

One new characteristic of virtual casinos is the online gambling bonus. If you visit any online casino, you’ll find a wide variety of bonuses when you subscribe to a website. Part of it is wooing the customer and part is keeping up with the competitive nature of the industry. Some popular bonuses to find are:

  1. The sign-up bonus

    • This is the most common of the online gambling bonus. It’s the bonus new users receive when they first deposit into their casino. The normal rule is that the casino will match your deposit with credits to your account. Be aware of the bonus each website offers because they can vary. For example, one bonus was 100% of the user’s deposit, while another was only 20%. Do some research before depositing your money. Competition is stiff and web designers are always trying to make a better offer to attract, and keep, new customers.

  1. Bonuses on specific games

    • This is the second most popular bonus around. This online gambling bonus is offered to encourage users to try new games. It’s the company’s way of testing the market when they develop a new game or a new interface. Usually the amount you play is matched by the casino, up to a certain limit.

  1. Preferred player bonuses

    • Like the name implies, these are for preferred players who qualify. Be sure to read the fine-print and understand how to reach these bonuses and exactly what they entail. These bonuses can extend your play, qualify you for tournament time or give you credits at the end of the month for additional play.

  1. Hard-luck bonuses

    • Again, like the name implies, these are for unlucky, but passionate, players. If you find yourself with a huge number of losses within a specific amount of time, you may qualify for a hard-luck bonus. Be aware that these are specifically to keep people who are unsuccessful at gambling, coming back. They don’t want you to throw up your arms and go to another casino.

  1. Referral bonuses

    • The referral bonus is another tool online gambling sites use to attract new customers. This online gambling bonus is for people who have good standing in an online casino and want to bring in a friend. The current user and the friend both will receive some referral bonus, which normally is additional deposits credited to their accounts. It’s a great way to include your family or friends in play, and make it advantageous for both of you.

The online casino bonus is a great way to extend your play. Do your research, but then enjoy the added benefits!