The Betting Site Welcomes Avid Racing Lovers

One of the hobbies that has remained during the recession is racing. Whether it is horse or dog racing tracks, there is still a customer base for the sport. Throughout the recession racing in general suffered. it makes sense that gambling was on the decline, but no one knew for sure how difficult it would be for racing to stay in the market. Thousands of race tracks throughout the country had to close down or create specials that allowed them to just get by. Many petitioned their jurisdictions for slot machine gaming to be brought to their locations in an effort to save their markets. The new affiliation was called a “racino”, being half race track and half slots casino. Many race track owners believed that with the change, they would be able to keep alive in the market. Some were allowed to create racinos and some weren’t. Either way the recession proved a difficult time for race tracks throughout the country.

Now, if you are fan of race track gambling, you can participate in the website’s services. The website is a creation of Ladbrokes, and that alone should cause you to at least give it a look. Ladbrokes of course is a top notch name in the world of gambling online and you won’t be disappointed by the various games this website has to offer. If you go to, you are going to be struck by the overwhelming amount of professionalism and marketing specialties the company put into its creation. It is operated by The Racing Post and another racing newspaper that focuses on greyhounds. The best thing about the website is that not only can you wager there, but you also can read about all things that are involved in racing. You can read the statistics, expert editorials, betting calculators and race predictors. These are all aids in placing your bets wisely and can help you with a better and bigger win. This is one of the best websites around to continue to wager for horses or dogs and if you are a fan of either, you should check out

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