The bottom line for gambling 2021

The bottom line for gambling 2021 is that there are a lot of questions to be answered still.

Gaming proponents recognize this and want to work within the laws but still generate as much revenue as possible. Due to the pandemic and ill management of funds, states can no longer take a passive role in managing their budgets.

They are rewriting laws, though the UIGEA is still the federal law holding on.

The UIGEA of course was meant to push internet gambling out of the US market but failed famously to produce those results.

Now, the bottom line for gambling 2021 is that legislators are aware of how intent people are on gambling and want to capitalize on it as best they can.

Expect Pennsylvanian officials to continue to work with the games as a means of generating revenue, while they walk carefully into the red tape of writing workable laws.

There are still two sides to the coin of gambling. Though the UIGEA is in effect, state-level lawmakers are doing their best to bring about changes.

They know how lucrative this market is and sitting on it to make “future decisions” is the last thing they want to do. Every month that passes without the proper gambling law is money wasted.

It also is money handed off to offshore gambling companies that are more than willing to take the market’s money.

A Competitive Nature

This competitive nature is what is making gambling a priority for PA lawmakers. They understand how much is at stake.

The US already made a mistake with the UIGEA and lost billions of dollars to offshore companies. They don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

They also recognize that the dollars handed out to offshore companies at the hands of the UIGEA, or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, are not recoverable.

Those billions could have been kept within the country to fuel its own economy and not the economies of other countries.

This is why states are so protective of their gambling markets. They understand how much money is on the gambling tables and are adamantly protecting it.

As of now and moving forward, the bottom line for gambling 2021 is to expect PA lawmakers to continue their search for the appropriate gambling laws to govern the gaming activities within the state.