Underage Gambling Still a Major Concern

There are still some underage gambling concern going on in the market of gambling and legislators are trying their best to regulate them.

This was a major concern though of lawmakers- they wanted to utilize the huge dollars that gambling affords them in the form of tax revenue but still protect the market that is gaming.

Anti- gambling activists cite this as the biggest problem for the market. Can legislators build gambling laws that protect the public?

Or, are they opening the door for illegal activities to grow in numbers are record rates?

The common belief they hold is that gambling brings in criminal activity. Though this hasn’t been proven yet via studies, it is a general belief that is holding a lot of weight with legislators.

They are considering the issues now and citing all incidents of illegal activity as proof that there should be concerns with legalizing gambling.

There are still plenty of problems going on. For example, the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs just was hit with a fine o $80,000 for three individual incidents of underage gambling.

Two twenty-year-olds and one nineteen-year old entered the casino on two different times to wager. They were able to get into the casino and play the games.

In one instance, the players were gambling for a longer-than two-hour session.

In the other, the player was able to wager for over three-hours. This is a sign of how many holes there still are in the security plans for casinos and what needs to still be addressed by the market.

The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs is just one more example of how gaming is still evolving.

There are still problems that legislators have to address as the market continues to change.

People are interested in gambling and want to play, but there has to be some reform of the gambling laws out there.

They have to continue to work on the UIGEA as gambling becomes more popular and hope that they can protect the very thing that likely is going to generate the monies needed to bring about a sure-fire revival.

The economy is still struggling, but gambling maybe the answer that it needs to get on the road to positive change.