Women’s Poker League Entering Market

If you do market research on the world of gambling an interesting thing is going to come about. First of all, the pool of gamblers online is changing. There was a time when online gamblers were solely made up of younger college-aged kids who wanted something to do. They didn’t have huge budgets to wager with, so they looked for the best deals online and took advantage of them. Then slowly, people who played at land-based casinos began playing games online. This diversified the pool of gamers, but still didn’t make considerable changes in them. Then something happened—a new group of women began playing and surprisingly the market took off. Now, if you do market research you are going to find a greater number of women who are pulling up to their home computers for online gambling fun. Most of the changes are attributed to more stay-at-home moms entering the market. They may not have the time to go to a local casino for the day, but women do have the time to log in for an hour during the day.

Now, PokerStars.com has listened to what the market is saying. The website is one of the best places to play poker online and it is watching changes in the market closely. It just opened its new Women’s Poker League which is being pitched exclusively to women poker players and forming a community of support for them. This league is scheduled to continue throughout the year and most likely, if it is successful, will continue throughout next year. It could easily take off just like poker has over the years. Poker started off slower in the market, but once it founds its niche of customers, it quickly became one of the main pastimes of gamers. Now, the market is looking to make room for women in the industry and PokerStars.com is creating bonuses specifically tailored towards women and earning more and more points. There is going to be the Ladies Luxury Event package coming up. There are also a slew of other packages for women gamers to participate in and hopefully win at PokerStars.com

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